Where to eat ?

With its culinary specialities, inspired to a great extent by the Italian origins of part of the population and also by the produce of the nearby sea and the Etang de Thau lagoon, Sète’s cuisine is truly mouthwatering...

Bourride, bouillabaisse, stuffed squid and mussels, macaronade, octopus pie, cuttlefish stew and more...  taste them in one of our many restaurants.

Here is a list of the establishments whose commitment to quality has earned them a quality label, or which feature in gourmet guides, as well as beach restaurants and restaurants offering dinner shows.

Sète also has many more restaurants, and you can find the one for you by using the different filters.

Mediterranean cuisine
Fish restaurant
The restaurant, on the "Quai de la Marine" in front of fishing boats, offers lovely food made from local products and fish from the Mediterranean. Served with all the attention you co...
Chains, Labels, Charts
  • Le petit Futé
Specialties: Seafood & Fish
A chic atmosphere, natural decor and light wood. A simple and exotic straw hut. Catering based on fresh products. Cocktail menu that invites you to travel.
fast food Kebab
Mixed grilled and salads.  
Bar, Tapas, Restaurant, Pancakes, Ice creams, Cocktails
A breathtaking view from the Mont St Clair, the Mediterranean as a backdrop, the blue of the sea as decoration... an incomparable setting, the Coquerie it starts like that! A well-kept interior, ...