My holiday with my dog

Do you need information to make your holiday in Sète with your dog go smoothly? We tell you everything here!

Places to walk

  • The Pierres Blanches forest is the ideal place to enjoy a shady spot with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Thau lagoon. Remember to respect the place by keeping your dog on a lead. 
  • Along the quays of Algiers, Vauban, Pavois d'Or, Orient
  • The Leclerc promenade
  • The Chemin des Quilles and the Chemin des Douaniers (Cap Lazaret)
  • The Corniche
  • The Pointe Courte
  • La Plagette
  • Place Léon Blum
  • Dogs are not allowed in all public gardens and children's playgrounds (decree of 14 November 2007). 


At the beach


  • If you wish to share a cool moment with your dog during your holidays in Sète, we invite you to go all year round to the Vassal beach, between accesses 73 and 74. 
  • The other beaches in Sète are accessible to dogs on a leash only from 1st October to 31st May, except for Jalabert beach (entrances 62, 63, 64 and 65) in order to preserve the egg-laying of protected migratory birds which nest in this area at this time.

Lost your dog? 

If you have lost your dog, first contact the Sète municipal police, 595 quai des Moulins, Mas Coulet or +33 (0)4 99 04 77 17. Then contact the Noé animal complex (+33 (0)4 67 27 55 37). It is there that the animals are taken after having been seen by a veterinarian if they are injured (care costs to be paid by the owner). The owner has a legal period of 8 working days to recover his or her animal before it is considered abandoned and given to the Noé Animal Complex SPA shelter in Montpellier.