Going to the beach in Sète


With 12 km of golden sand on a blue background and nearly 320 days of sunshine a year, the reputation of the beaches of Sète is well established. They are even one of the major assets of the Thau Archipelago as they offer holidaymakers the choice of enjoying a view of the Thau lagoon or the Mediterranean Sea. Not to mention that they are served all along by the greenway which links Sète to Marseillan over 12 km. So, don't wait any longer to put on your swimming costume and go to this charming town!
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The beaches of Sète

For a moment of freshness during your holidays in Sète or, quite simply, to take advantage of the iodized air all year round, we suggest you go, by bike via the green way or by bus (line 9), to one of the numerous beaches, with the Blue Flag label, which form this fine coastal strip between the sea and the lake called the Lido of Sète and of which here are the main characteristics

  • Lazaret beach (access n°1) - with a first aid post
  • plage de la Corniche (accesses 4 to 11)
  • plage de la Fontaine (accesses 12 to 17) - with a first aid post at access n°13
  • plage du Lido (accesses 18 to 24) - presence of a first aid post access n°22
  • plage de la Baleine (entrances 25 to 48) - presence of a first-aid post access n°41
  • 3 Digues beach (accesses 49 to 62) - presence of a first aid post access n°59
  • Jalabert beach (entrances 63 and 64): 
    • beach forbidden to dogs and horses to protect the laying of protected migratory birds
    • mixed beach (naturism or not)
  • Castellas beach (accesses 65 to 72) - presence of a first aid post access n°70
  • Vassal beach (access 73 to 78) : 
    • dogs allowed all year round

For a more mineral decor, we suggest you venture to the side of : 

  • the Nau cove
  • La Vigie cove
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Developed beaches

If you are looking for the comfort of a deckchair, the coolness of a parasol or simply a table where you can eat, you will be delighted to know that the beaches of Sète are equipped, in particular those of the Lido, the Fountain and the Corniche. 

Discover here all the beach restaurants and straw huts in Sète.
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Water sports activities

With their proximity to Sète and Marseillan, the Lido beaches are also the ideal place to try your hand at various water sports. 

So, if you want to try kitesurfing, diving, sailing or kayaking during your stay, go to the port of Sète and along the Lido beaches with our various partners.
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The first aid posts 

To make the most of your stay in Sète, 6 first aid posts are available from 10am to 7pm and from mid-June to the beginning of September (depending on the season) on the :
  • Lazaret beach (access n°1)
  • la Fontaine beach (access n°13)
  • Lido beach (access n°22)
  • plage de la Baleine (access n°41)
  • plage des 3 Digues (access n°59)
  • Castellas beach (access n°70)
To find out more about the surveillance periods of each beach, as well as the exact position of the water points and public toilets, we invite you to consult the map below.

Accessible beaches for all

On these same beaches, you will also find walkway mats that will allow people with reduced mobility to enjoy the pleasures of the beach. And to enjoy the joys of swimming, go to the Fountain and Lido beaches, where the aid stations are equipped with Tiralos (swimming wheelchairs).
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My holiday with my dog

If you wish to share a cool moment with your dog during your holidays in Sète, we invite you to go all year round to the Vassal beach, between accesses 73 and 74. 

The other beaches in Sète are accessible to dogs on a leash only from 1st October to 31st May, except for Jalabert beach (entrances 62, 63, 64 and 65) in order to preserve the egg-laying of protected migratory birds which nest in this area at this time.

Bike parks with their feet in the sand

Over the last few years, the town of Sète has installed cycle parks along the promenade and cycle path on the Lido. In response to the desire of beach users to have their bikes even closer to them, an initiative was launched in 2023 by a restaurant owner to develop a project for bike parks directly on the sand. 

The scheme, which involves placing posts on the beach with rings to which bicycles can be attached, has received very positive feedback from users. The town of Sète has therefore decided to follow suit, and from this summer (2024) will be offering 7 bike parks, each with a capacity of 6 to 8 places, installed at the pedestrian access points to the following beaches: 
  • Plage du Lazaret
  • Jets d'eau / Place Thérond
  • Fontaine beach
  • Le Cube
  • Pump Track
  • 3 Digues Beach
  • Jalabert beach.

Please note: They will be available for 8 months and will be dismantled at the end of the season.