The Theater of the Sea


The theatre of the sea is an amphitheatre that is one with the rock and offers a face-to-face with the open sea,
bathed by the light of the moon and its reflections on the water. Irresistible.
At the foot of Mount Saint Clair, the Théâtre de la Mer dominates the Mediterranean. Every summer, this ancient 18th century fortification welcomes the great artistic events of the city of Sète. The acoustics are exceptional. It is the ideal setting for hosting the festivals organised during the summer season.
Originally Fort Saint-Pierre, the Theatre of the Sea was originally part, with the semaphore, of a defensive complex designed to protect the population and the port of Sète from land and sea attacks. Built on seven platforms arranged in an amphitheatre facing the sea, and equipped with batteries of cannons, it functioned in duet with Fort Richelieu. The two buildings could cross their fire. It was used as barracks, prison and then hospital before being refurbished as a theatre from 1959, under the impetus of the actor Jean Deschamps, who set up his Festival de la Mer there. Today it is reminiscent of ancient theatres.