The Thau Lagoon

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The Thau Lagoon is the most extensive and deepest (average 4.5 metres, plunging to 10 metres in places) of all the lagoons in Languedoc-Roussillon.
The Thau Lagoon is a true inland sea, separated from the Mediterranean by nothing more than a narrow strip of sand known as the lido.

As a natural environment, the Thau Lagoon is unique in Europe. Its ecology is exceptionally diverse, providing a home where more than 400 plant species and 100 kinds of animals thrive.

Shellfish farms cover more than 1300 ha on the Thau lagoon.

The Thau oyster has a reputation of being fleshy and very tasty.
Oyster farms are small family businesses.They are nearly all located on the northern shore of the Thau Lagoon.

GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.44686
Longitude : 3.66184
60 grand rue Mario Roustan
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