Take a guided tour of Sète with the Tourist Office


What better way to discover all the secrets of Sète than to take a tour with one of our guides? Whether you want to know everything about the life of Georges Brassens, the Molière theatre or the amazing street-art that covers the walls of the surprising MaCO, explore the port city every school holiday. Discover all the guided walking tours offered by the Office de Tourisme Archipel de Thau.

For history lovers, we suggest you start your stay with the "Sète Histoire-Là" guided tour. Meet your guide every Tuesday during the school holidays on the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville to escape for about two hours.
You will go back to the time of the creation of the port, through the upper quarter, before taking your way back to the marine cemetery and going back down towards the old port.

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You are strolling through the streets of Sète and your eyes are suddenly drawn to one, two, three works of street art... Who are the authors? On what occasion were they created? To all these questions, the guide will provide you with answers and interpretation keys during the guided tour of the MaCO (Musée à Ciel Ouvert). 

Starting from the Place Léon Blum, opposite the town hall, you will venture for about two hours into the historic centre of Sète to meet Julien Seth Malland, Codex Urbanus, C215, Ratur & Sckaro, Sunset, Madame, Eric Lacan...

The little "plus" of this guided tour is that it evolves every year thanks to the new works that come to embellish MACO. Each guide will share his or her artistic favourites with you.

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Follow the different stages in the life of Geroges Brassens, born in Sète, in the museum dedicated to him. You can even extend the experience with the guided tour dedicated to the local boy "Du petit Georges au grand Brassens".

During this guided tour, you will travel through his youth and all the places where his character, his friendships and his taste for poetry were forged.
Throughout this tour in the heart of the city, we evoke the childhood of Georges Brassens, his friendships, his desire to leave for Paris, his family life by passing in front of his birth house. A two-hour journey through the life of Georges Brassens.

The little "extra" of this visit is the evocation of the artist's songs, echoing his roots in Sète. To find out more, click here.
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The Molière Theatre invites you to discover what goes on behind the scenes during a visit with one of the guides from the Tourist Office.

From the basement to the henhouse, from the balconies to the galleries, you will discover all the secrets of this historic monument, but also the tricks of the trade, the vocabulary used by the artists and technicians. As for the history, you will understand how the building was born, how it has evolved over time and the differences between a French-style theatre and an Italian-style theatre. 

You will even be surprised to learn about the superstitions and legends that codify the world of entertainment.

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