Bountiful cuisine

In Sète, we live to the rhythm of the water.

Our cuisine is above all a fishermen's cuisine which has been enriched by the culinary know-how of the Catalans, Genoese, Neapolitans, Spaniards and pieds-noirs who have settled in Sète over the years. The result is a Mediterranean culinary heritage with emblematic specialities such as the tielle, macaroni, cuttlefish rust, stuffed squid and mussels, and of course fresh or cooked fish, monkfish bourride, fish soup, sea bream... and shellfish.

The restaurants of Sète will make you discover this cuisine, you will find at the Halles centrales and on the markets the products directly from the Thau Lagoon, the sea and the hinterland.

A beautiful greedy escapade in perspective! We propose you a quick overview and recipes, you will have plenty of other discoveries to make on the spot...