Paul Valéry Museum

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Paul Valéry Museum:

Located on the slope of the Mont Saint-Clair on a terrace overlooking the seaside cemetery and the Mediterranean, the Musée Paul Valéry enjoys an exceptional setting.

In addition to the fine arts collections containing over 700 paintings and more than a thousand drawings, the museum now has two specific collections: the Paul Valéry collection and a collection of popular art and traditions.

The surrounding gardens host open-air events with a multidisciplinary programme that includes conferences, literary gatherings, poetry and musical and theatre evenings, which are closely related to the museum’s collections or the city’s Mediterranean identity.

The museum's café/restaurant has a shady terrace overlooking the seaside cemetery, the breakwater, the harbour entrance and the Mediterranean (Brasserie des Arts: +33 (0)4 9902 3692).