"Famille Plus" restaurants

For an ideal family holiday in Sète, visit the establishments with the "Famille Plus" label.

All year long 2023

Ouvert tous les jours

621 Avenue Jean Monnet Place Roger Thérond Promenade du lido 34200 SETE
5, rue Pierre Brossolette 34200 SETE
Valérie Pignonne cooks original and fine dishes: fresh squid and aioli (garlic mayonnaise) spread on fresh regional bread, "foie gras", warm camembert in peppered caramel sauce.Food changes according...
8 bis, rue Frédéric Mistral 34200 SETE
Close to the market and the Cadre Royal, Au feu de Bois has made the open fire its main working tool.And it is for its expertise in this area that this grill restaurant has built a solid reputation.As...
31, quai Général Durand 34200 SETE
With its terrace above the Quai de la Marine, the owners serve simple good quality cuisine: fresh fish and generous helpings are the focus.Naturally, fish is the star with an outstanding barbecue, ...
Halles Centrales de Sète BAL 26 6 rue de Metz 34200 SETE