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The Mediterranean Sea and the Thau lagoon are beautiful playgrounds for lovers of water sports and leisure activities, whatever their level.
What are you waiting for to jump into the water?

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The Thau archipelago along the water.

Local words: to discover the lagoon and the secrets of shellfish production for which the Thau basin is famous, there is nothing better than a boat trip! From the ports of Mèze and Bouzigues, former oyster farmers take you on a trip along the river, with explanations! Don't miss: the tasting walks and "sunset" outings in Mansathau, a delight for your taste buds and eyes!

The Thau lagoon: an ideal spot for kite-surfing

Kite-surfing combines the pleasure of a sliding sport, the technicality of a sailing sport and the adrenaline of an extreme sport. Want to get started? The Thau basin, vast and little frequented, usable by all wind directions, is simply the ideal spot for kitesurfing and for a maximum of sensations!
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  •  - © JP Degas - OT Archipel de Thau Méditerranée
  •  - © JP Degas - OT Archipel de Thau Méditerranée
  •  - © JP Degas - OT Archipel de Thau Méditerranée

Need to disconnect?

Escape for a paddle, windsurfing or canoeing ride and take the time to taste new sensations in a preserved place!

In Mèze and Bouzigues, rent your equipment and benefit from the advice of professionals before leaving to discover the lagoon and its riches.

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