Which beach is right for you?


With 25 kilometres of fine sandy beaches, you are bound to find the ideal beach for you in the Thau Archipelago!
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All the seaside towns in the Thau Archipelago have beaches with walkways and Tiralos® (wheelchairs available at the lifeguard posts) adapted for bathing for people with motor disabilities, but only the beach at Balaruc-les-Bains has the Audioplage® system, which allows people with visual impairments to swim freely, independently and in optimum safety conditions. Balaruc-les-Bains is also one of the few French towns to have been awarded the national Destination for All label, recognising the spa's commitment to overall accessibility for people with disabilities.
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There is no shortage of family beaches in the Thau Archipelago. In Sète, 12 km of fine sand and 6 supervised swimming areas are available: the Lazaret beach (access n° 1), the Fontaine beach (access n° 13), the Lido beach (access n° 22), the Baleine beach (access n° 41), the 3 Digues beach (access n° 59) and the Castellas beach (access n° 70). Note that they are all linked by a greenway!

At Frontignan Plage, you can choose between Port Ouest, Port Est, Les Plaisanciers or the beach at the entrance, all of which are 7 km long. The beaches of Mèze and Bouzigues are ideal for the little ones, who can wade in shallow water without current. Children are king here. In Balaruc-les-Bains, the bathing areas are bordered by footpaths and a large pontoon called the "Piscine", from which you can take a boat ride. Find out more! To find the ideal spot, please consult our tourist offices.
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An air of the end of the world. That's what you'll find when you choose, for example, the Aresquiers beach, which stretches over about 7 kilometres between Frontignan and Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. To make matters worse, 5 kilometres are closed to road traffic: no cars, no motorbikes, just you in a magnificent face-to-face with the sea. But being on the verge of paradise has a cost, that of effort! You will have to walk in the middle of nature to enjoy an almost deserted transparent beach where bathers (and sometimes swimming costumes) become scarce the further you go. On the sand, a few pebbles polished by the waves, driftwood that you have fun picking up and, in the hollow of your ear, the song of the cicadas, which does not manage to cover the noise of the waves... Allow 20 to 30 minutes' walk to reach the most isolated corners. Accessible via the cycle path that links Vic-la-Gardiole to Frontignan.
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A run at sunrise, a sunbed in the morning, a seafood platter in the straw hut and a cocktail in the early evening to dance, facing the setting sun? You can experience three days in one by going to the Lido beach, also called "Plage de Villeroy". Along this 12 km long strip of sand (access no. 22) you will find many restaurants. The best thing to do during the day, however, is to ride your bike along the cycle path that runs along the Corniche de Sète. Distance to Marseillan: 12 kilometres. Duration of the journey: depends on the number of stops you make! Accessible via the cycle path that links Sète to Marseillan.
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