Street art walk in Sète


Did you know that urban art is expressed in all its forms in the streets of Sète?

Whether you are an art lover, curious or contemplative, the open-air museum is waiting for you.

No less than 40 urban frescos will catch your eye.
How does this living museum grow? Every year at the beginning of June, the K-Live festival showcases street art on the walls of the maritime city. The concept is simple: give the artists "carte blanche".

Scaffolding, round tables, guided tours, performances and concerts take place. An event with a relaxed atmosphere that puts the spotlight on leading artists. Sète has made a name for itself in the world of urban art.

Whatever the time of year when you are in Sète, enjoy the original experience of discovering or re-discovering the MaCO (Open Sky Museum).
  •  - © f-ambrosino
  •  - © C.Sospedra
Here is a small glimpse of what awaits you as you stroll through the narrow streets of the maritime city.

In Rue Paul Valéry, a stone's throw from the central market, get ready to admire a monumental fresco. A work inspired by classical antiquity jumps out at you in an XXXL version. The technique used is spray painting.
Andrea Mattoni, an Italian street artist, offers you his adaptation of a painting by Joseph-Noël Sylvestre which is in the Paul-Valéry museum in Sète, not far from here.

Behind you, the portrait of a sailor reminds you that you are in a port. The colours burst forth and echo the cheerfulness of the neighbouring facades. The two artist brothers, Ratur & Skaro, mark the entrance to this popular Sète neighbourhood with their stylised imprint.
  •  - © a.Blanc
  •  - © f-ambrosino
Just a stone's throw from the Lycée Paul Valéry, don't miss the work of Codex Urbanus, which revisits local legends and pays tribute to the Sète painters of the Figuration Libre movement, Combas, Di Rosa, etc.

On the slopes of Mont Saint-Clair, you will undoubtedly fall under the spell of Mademoiselle Maurice's metallic origami. An enchanting fresco that is a must-see.
  •  - © l-caravano
  •  - © R.Barras
Back to the upper quarter where styles, techniques and colours collide. You will come across the realistic portrait of "the thinker" by C215 or the honourable portrait of "the tielle man" by the globe painter Seth.

 At the corner of the Saint-Louis church, there may not be a wedding that day, but tenderness is in the air thanks to the poetic work of the illustrator Dr Ponce.

The singular island has a changing face. MaCO's pigments glisten when it is flooded with sunlight. The brushstrokes vitaminise its facades when the weather is bad.

As you can see, a visit to the MaCO means seeing the city in a different light.
  •  - © r-domergue
  •  - © r-domergue