Boat Shuttle



Move around in Sète differently! 

Every year, from early May to mid-September, boat-buses criss-cross the canals,every morning to relieve congestion of the city.
Only on Wednesdays, market day in the heart of the city in May/June and September and 7 days a week in July and August.

Departure is from Quai Paul Riquet and arrival is at Quai Général Durand (2 minutes walk from downtown). Two boats are chartered at the beginning of the season and up to 5 as the number of visitors increases. These shuttles are operational every 20 minutes.

The service, entirely free of charge, also allows summer festival-goers (more than thirty dates planned) to cross the city from the East entrance to the Théâtre de la Mer. Special shuttles are also available for the Thau Festival, the Saint-Louis Festival...


More informations : Sète-Agglopole website