Meeting from within

Did you know that Sète is the leading fishing port in the French Mediterranean? Our port is in the heart of the city, along the Royal Canal. Tuna boats and trawlers are moored in front of the restaurants and the Quartier Haut, the fishermen's quarter. No wonder that its market hall is renowned, you will find the fishing of the day and many local specialties.

It will be the same for the shells, the Thau Lagoon is the largest (7500 hectares) and the deepest of the Occitan lagoons, this true inland sea communicates with the Mediterranean by "graus" which guarantee the good oxygenation of its waters.
With an exceptional variety of flora and fauna, it is the ideal place for the breeding of oysters and mussels, but also for many other wild shellfish and molluscs such as clams, tellines, sea urchins, sea snails... which find here the abundance of phytoplankton they need to feed.

You will find all these products in our restaurants and markets, we propose you to discover them and to try some recipes proposed by Jean Brunelin.