Barberoussette: a treasure hunt for all


There was once a pirate who had a small red beard. Therefore everyone called him Barberoussette - "red beard". They told many stories about him - stories that would make you shiver and shudder.

Nowadays, it is said that Barberoussette probably never existed. However, some believe that he existed and that he struck terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of Sète at the end of the 16th century.

It is rumored that he even hid parts of a treasure map in the city. The one finding them and being able to follow its instructions shall be handsomely rewarded!

Go on the adventure, follow the trail of Barberoussette and don't be shipwrecked! At the end of your adventure, a surprise will await you!

Free app for smartphones and tablet PCs (Apple, Android).
Duration of the treasure hunt: 90 mins