Artists and art galleries exhibitions (in french)

From Saturday 20 October 2018 to Sunday 24 March 2019

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

10:30 to 12:30 and 15:30 to 18:30

From Sunday 10 February to Sunday 24 March 2019

Every day

11:00 to 18:00

From Monday 11 to Sunday 17 February 2019

Every day

L’artiste peintre Olivia PROUST   La peinture d’Olivia PROUST est une recherche d’esthétisme et d’harmonie à travers des couleurs vives, l’épaisseur de la matière et l...

From Wednesday 29 May to Sunday 16 June 2019

Every day

For nearly three weeks,  the documentary festival of photography Imagesingulières will be held in Sète. Almost fifteen exposures in ten different places of Sète will allow the vi...

From Monday 03 to Sunday 09 June 2019

  K-LIVE FESTIVAL : THE URBAN CULTURES FESTIVAL This multidisciplinary festival combines urban art, visual arts exhibitions and current music concerts. Concerts, street art, transitory ...
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