From Thursday 09 to Saturday 11 August 2018

Every day

From Saturday 21 July to Tuesday 07 August 2018

Every day

Fiest'A Sète Fiest'A Sète is a World Music Festival which hosts a large number of events at the Théâtre de la Mer, in different parts of the town and in the villages of the Thau Ba...

From Wednesday 09 to Sunday 27 May 2018

Every day

During nearly three weeks,  the documentary festival of photography Imagesingulières will be held in Sète. Almost fifteen exposures in ten different places of Sète will allow the v...

From Thursday 12 to Friday 20 July 2018

Every day

A festival which became, over the years and the devotion of Louis Martinez (musician himself famous author of several discs) and of his team, one of the main summer appointments for the amateurs of ...

From Tuesday 29 May to Sunday 03 June 2018

K-Live Festival : The festival of urban cultures. This multidisciplinary festival combines urban art, exhibitions of visual arts and concerts of current musics. Concerts, street art, ...

From Wednesday 28 March to Sunday 01 April 2018

Every day

While presenting masterpieces of the classic repertoire, this festival is wide open to many other artistic movements (litterature, painting, gastronomy...). Inspired by popular music, this event ...

From Friday 22 to Tuesday 26 June 2018

Every day

“Quand je pense à Fernande” defends young creation and opens the season of the Théâtre de la Mer. Resonance in July with the evening performance “Putain de Georges” whose ti...
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